Creating Intentions to Guide 2020 and the Decade Ahead

The energy of 2020 is palpable! The last decade of the 20’s was “roaring”. It gave us the birth of Jazz (my favorite music), up-leveled political and sexual expression for women (voting, flappers, and the diaphragm), and economic growth through a never before experienced level of consumerism. I sense that the 2020s will be roaring as well. However, this roar may take place on the inner rather than the outer.

On January 1st, my social media feed was bursting with Barbara Walters memes.  For 26 years, she said “I’m Barbara Walters, and this is 2020”. And now it’s our turn. We all know it’s 2020. Yet, who are we within 2020? We get to define the “I AM”.

This month’s Angel is INTENTION, and it is with intention that this post is 2 weeks into the new year. Read more to find out why…

Say “thank you and goodbye” to your past.

There are layers of energy and meaning for the year 2020. 20/20 is used to describe perfect physical vision. One of my favorite sayings is that hindsight is 20/20.  When we slow down, we can review our past actions and experiences to clearly see how the choices we made manifested in our lives. We can review our judgements or acceptance of these creations. However, the past is the past. So, how can we practice 20/20 vision moving forward? We can look at our past with compassion for ourselves and others, release any attached judgements through forgiveness, and then move forward. What’s done is done. By using experience as our teacher, we learn and create differently in the present moment. We can stay present through focusing on loving ourselves and the people, situations, and circumstances that surround us, no matter how challenging. This may sound something like, “how is this teaching me love?”, or “how can I love this more?”. Then, love more. Sometimes this is easier said than done. And with all things, practice builds habit and skill. The more we apply compassion and forgiveness when our past jumps in front of us and says “hello”, the easier it is for us to say “thank you and good-bye” so that we may move forward and stay present in our loving.

Listen to and cooperate with your inner guidance.

Numerologically, 2020 represents stability, or a solid foundation, and its laced with cooperation, inner spiritual gifts and blessings. Numerology is one of the many tools I use to support my clients in understanding the energy of both their space and their life. I love that stability and solid foundation are present in 2020 – it’s perfect for the first year of a new decade. How and where do we want our lives to be this year and decade? By being thoughtful now, we can begin to take small actions to create our ideal “next”. We can do this with cooperation. Ask yourself, “How can I cooperate more in my life?” This means cooperating with others and cooperating with your Self. In what situations do you find yourself in resistance and why? What can you shift inside your Self to move into greater cooperation? Listen inside for guidance – the inner spiritual gifts and blessings – to guide the creation of your next moment, response, and action. Allow the building blocks of compassionate and cooperative responses, actions, and their outcomes to create your foundation for 2020 and beyond.

The shift from goals and resolutions to heartfelt intentions.

I mentioned earlier that it is with INTENTION that I’m writing this a few weeks into January 2020. My experience of a new year’s energy is that many people set goals and resolutions. With gusto, the first week is approached with strength, conviction, and new-found energy. Then, maybe a few old familiar habits sneak in. Jobs, family, and friends present old familiar patterns, stressors, and so on. The revitalization experienced during week one often fades, and next thing we know, there is resistance or judgement about the unrealized goal or resolution. Complacency or apathy may set in. This is not absolute – I know many people who succeed in their goals and resolutions. I am also aware that, for example, according to a study conducted by IHRSA, 12% of new gym memberships occur in January, 14% of New Year’s resolutioners quit by the end of February, and 80% quit within 5 months.  

Many years ago, I shifted from setting goals and resolutions to setting INTENTIONS. Intentions transcend resolutions and goals. Intentions provide us with the energy of how we want to live our lives, and therefore serve as a guiding light for any goals we choose to create. For example, one of my intentions for 2020 is CONNECTION. Upon reflection, I noticed that I am craving heartfelt connection and conversation with the people in my life. The energy of connection supports me in my decision-making. How present am I during a conversation? Do I really know the people in my life? How can I connect on a deeper, more authentic level in an effort to participate in heartfelt, loving, and service-oriented relationships?

Finding your Inner Roar

What is your inner “roar”? You know, that voice inside that is asking for more? This is your INTENTION. Is releasing 20 pounds really about the weight? Or, is it about having more LOVE or ACCEPTANCE in your life? Is not arguing with a spouse or co-worker really about not arguing, or is it about having more PEACE in your life? Is decluttering your home about getting rid of “stuff” or is it about rediscovering your genuine source of JOY? By examining the “why” behind the goal or resolution, we uncover the intention. Then we can use the intention to guide us in manifesting more of it in all areas of our life. It’s never too late to listen to and start living your intention.

I love setting intentions and being of service. If you’d like support in exploring solid, heartfelt intentions for this year and the coming decade, please contact me here. No charge or expectations. I’d be honored to support you, and I get to indulge myself with my intention to CONNECT.

I’m wishing you a 2020 filled with the divine manifestation of your inner roar.  

With Love, Angie


  1. Teri Hunt on February 28, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    Wrote you a few min. ago re our Sr living community. There are so many of us who would benefit from your teaching. Many of us are content and wish to stay that way – yet, feel our energy ebb and flow. Do you have suggestions via a workshop or teachings?
    More and more Sr. will be in our situation who are well educated, traveled seniors yet, who are no longer as mobile as in the past and hence, feel a bit out of sort.
    Know you will have some wonderful ideas and suggestions. Thank you…

  2. Ramona Yoh on August 14, 2020 at 2:03 am

    Hello! What a beautiful website and thank you for sharing so much about yourself and what you do! I get such a nice sense of how you approach space and style.
    I graduated from USM in 2001. I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. I may be moving to Calabasas, CA to live with my boyfriend and that means combining stuff in his space. Will reach out to you in the near future.