Wellness Coaching

Transform your home. Transform your Sleep. Transform your Health.


Ongoing support for you to achieve optimal sleep, health and well-being. 

How WELLNESS Coaching Works

For individuals who would like additional, ongoing, relationship-style support with their sleep and wellness goals, hourly one-on-one sessions are available. I will facilitate you to tune into exactly what you need. Together we will create realistic goals and approaches that will serve as your guide on your transformational journey towards sounder sleep and better health.

Together we will...

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We will start by clarifying your intentions for sleep, health, and well-being.

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We'll align on realistic, supportive, and actionable steps towards manifesting your goals.

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I'll champion you in taking your first action steps in a gentle way that supports real and lasting change.

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I'll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on as you sleep more deeply and shine with health and well-being.

My 3-month coaching program will support you with setting and acheiving your goals.

Your sleep, health, and well-being are very important to me. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation HERE. Everyone deserves to sleep and feel better.

What my Clients Say

“Every session with Angie provided me with immediate results that were measurable.”

Life for me prior to working with Angie was filled with annoying little stressors that was preventing me from being grateful for the good things in life. I’ve tried everything from meditation to even hypnosis which seemed to help, but the overall stress and anxiety was still present without any specific results.

Working with Angie forced me to look deep inside, and really dig out all of the ugly stuff we don’t like to admit about ourselves. Just by saying it out loud to someone who really listened made everything that much clearer. It made it much easier to accept that it is up to me to change my own situations.

Every session with Angie provided me with immediate results that were measurable. I don’t know how she did it, but miracles were made. For example, I’ve felt wronged by my parents pretty much my entire life, and continued to feel that way with each and every engagement. I’ve tried on several occasions to have “adult” conversations to only end up resenting them even more. I felt petty and saddened as this is not what I want with these people who have sacrificed everything for their kids.

After only one session (I do mean just one on this topic), everything changed with them! We now have a great relationship! We were able to work out a lot of past issues without being emotional, with compassion, and true understanding of each other’s views. It really was a miracle and I can’t thank her enough.

-BT, Phoenix, Arizona

Ready to start your Own journey?

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