In-Home Consulting


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Your home can have a direct impact on your health and well-being. Let's explore what is holding you back from the nurturing space you deserve.

Together we will...



In-Home Consulting is typically an immersive, full-day experience that occurs in your home. During this time, we will assess the health of home and how it may be impacting your health and the health of your family.



Our time together will be tailored to your needs, and includes education, evaluation, and guidance about the following topics:

- Indoor Environmental and Air Quality
- Environmental Toxins including:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Kitchens, Cookware, & Food Storage

- Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Fields (EMFs)
- Proper Sleeping Spaces
- Healthy Furnishing
- Building/Remodel Materials
- Habits, Clutter, Relationship/Family Dynamics within the Home



You'll receive all the tools you need to start transforming your home to be the healthy, nurturing sanctuary you deserve.

FEES: $95/Hour or $500/Day

For clients outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, travel, lodging, and per diem fees may apply.

Your health, well-being, and happiness are very important to me. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation HERE. Everyone deserves a healthy, nurturing home.

What my Clients Say

"I began to be more proactive."

My two biggest challenges were finance and love life. Both were "fine", but I seemed to be on-hold in both aspects. I noticed the same patterns occurring, and felt a bit frustrated.

The biggest change that occurred after working with Angie was that I began to take action and be more proactive in these two areas. I noticed an improved focus on enhancing my behaviors, thoughts, and emotions around finance and relationship. Although the overall effect has been subtle but necessary, and it seems I have more insight about how to proceed than before. It's definitely a process rather than an outcome that occurs. All I really needed was some movement in both areas, and I have definitely gotten some.

With regard to finance, I was able to hire a financial advisor, plan for the future, invest in the market, refinance my home, and shop for better insurance rates. Now I'm heading in the right direction and feel a lot more secure. With regard to relationships, I seem to be attracting people who exhibit some of the qualities I've been looking for. I have also made strides in realizing ways to make my home more welcoming. I'm much happier in my space, relationship or not.

-KD, Scottsdale, AZ

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